Artur Danielyan sues Nikol Pashinyan
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Artur Danielyan sues Nikol Pashinyan

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Artur Danielyan sues Nikol Pashinyan
Co-author of “AdekvaD” Artur Danielyan has filed a lawsuit against Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan. This is what Artur Danielyan posted on his Facebook page. “Today citizen Artur Danielyan filed a lawsuit for the first time in his life. He has filed a lawsuit against citizen Nikol Pashinyan. Many of you might ask why, taking into consideration the fact that now assassins are released from prison, walking has become an indulgence in general and members of the opposition are systematically persecuted and law-enforcement authorities aren’t aware of that. I must say that I have no illusions. Although our statement of claim is fully corroborated, I strictly doubt that it will be accepted, not to mention satisfied. No, this isn’t the problem. The problem is that no matter how unrealistic having a state seems at this moment, we can’t cope with the fact that foreign agents have made a revolution. I don’t know if the Armenian states will remain, but if they do, they have to be hinged on rule of law and the inevitability of punishment. Nikol Pashinyan and his circle representing 50 shades of imbecility must be punished by only this episode — not only for having a law be adopted through the violation of several procedures, but also for personally offending me. I am the citizen, not his team of immature and submissive offenders. By setting the day of victory of a group of citizens over another group of citizens as a holiday, they have drawn dividing lines between us. I will mark those lines and we’ll see what happens in the end…” wrote Danielyan.
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 Adekvad come to grief Artur Danielyan leaves constabulary administrative area
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 constabulary arrest 9 activists of Adekvad NGO
 constabulary arrest 9 activists of Adekvad NGO
constabulary arrest 9 activists of Adekvad NGO
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The NGO posted an broadcast arrange Facebook ...
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