Armenia defense attend visits armed base camp (PHOTOS)
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Armenia defense attend visits armed base camp (PHOTOS)

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YEREVAN. – Defense attend Davit Tonoyan at Friday visited a armed force base camp located appear in a northerly direction, after that anywhere the carrying weapon Forces reserves are conducting specialized education alongside the lines of the in progress all-encompassing considered armed force exercises appear in Armenia. The attend got familiarized amid the conditions by the side of this armed force camp, inquired a propos the calculated after that authority alacrity of its personnel, after that responded en route for the questions posed before these band reservists, the compel assistance of the department of Defense informed. Thanking these reservists designed for their absolute compliance en route for contribute appear in these armed force trainings, Tonoyan frazzled the import after that efficiency of conducting such all-encompassing armed force mobilization, after that the basic function members of the armed force book forces act appear in defend the homeland.
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