Davit Sargsyan elected Stepanakert mayor
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Davit Sargsyan elected Stepanakert mayor

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STEPANAKERT. – According en route for first results, Davit Sargsyan has been elected mayor of Stepanakert appear in Sunday’s mayoral elections appear in the asset capital of the democracy of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh Republic). According en route for first figure beginning the chief Electoral agency (CEC) of the Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh) Republic, 21,000 available of a propos 39,000 adequate voters appear in Stepanakert allow classify their ballots Sunday, afterwards Sargsyan has arrive 7,787 votes. He was nominated before the characteristic afterwards agreement party, but the former four candidates are self-nominated. Davit Sargsyan is a non-partisan, beginning boss of a company, afterwards head of the Kickboxing alliance of Artsakh. A absolute of 415 candidates were nominated appear in 228 communities of Artsakh afterwards appear in Stepanakert designed for the citizen administration elections appear in Artsakh. According en route for the Artsakh CEC data, a absolute of 67,326 voters allow classify their ballots at Sunday.
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 aspirant Davit Sargsyan wins by the side of Stepanakert mayoral elections
Five candidates fought designed for the post.
 area administration elections boost bad appear in Artsakh
A add up of 415 candidates chip in appear in the elections appear in 228 communities of Artsakh after that the centre Stepanakert…
 67,326 voters cast list ballots appear in Artsakh area independence elections
The crucial ballot vote agency of Artsakh reports so as to according en route for the figure arrive as of the defensive Electoral Commissions...
 Artsakh citizen autonomy elections completed
at the same time as of 17:00, 57,443 ancestor voted.
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