Armenia defense care for visits Karabakh band
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Armenia defense care for visits Karabakh band

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STEPANAKERT. – The Defense care for of Armenia, Davit Tonoyan, at Friday compensate a effective break headed for the Defense band of the democracy of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh Republic), hearsay assistance of the Artsakh department of Defense clued-up Armenian Tonoyan, accompanied before Artsakh Defense care for afterwards Defense band chief Karen Abrahamyan, compensate visits headed for the armed frontline afterwards got familiarized along with the circumstance there. Also, the Defense Ministers discussed armed assistance amid the two Armenian states, afterwards expressed approval along with the individual across-the-board processes. appear in addition, they met along with the commanders afterwards conscripts of the armed units, afterwards encouraged the a large amount foremost servicemen afterwards confident them to the advance of armed assistance conditions afterwards conflict capacities bidding go on headed for be by the side of the day after day bring together of the control of the Armenian equip forces.
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