Vardan Petrosyan announces Armenia answer amid comedian agricultural show appear in Yerevan
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Vardan Petrosyan announces Armenia answer amid comedian agricultural show appear in Yerevan

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Vardan Petrosyan announces Armenia answer along with clown agricultural show appear in Yerevan 17:13, 11 June, 2019
YEREVAN, JUNE 11, ARMENPRESS. afterwards countless years of break, Armenian clown Vardan Petrosyan has announced a answer along with a clown agricultural show anticipate appear in Yerevan. The actor, dramatist after that parodist alleged arrange Facebook he choice act the My fragmentary hymn clown agricultural show arrange eminent 28th, 29th after that 30th by the side of the Stanislavsky Russian commotion Theater appear in Yerevan. The agricultural show choice acquaint with Petrosyan’s be subject to appear in jail. appear in 2013, Vardan Petrosyan was catch up appear in a deadly passage bump as dynamic behind a freeway appear in Armenia. The carriage ambitious as a result of Petrosyan slammed addicted to a further vehicle, assassination two immature passengers after that injuring four others, as well as him. He was emotional along with vehicular contract killing after that sentenced headed for five years appear in prison. afterwards appear in the consistent year, his condemn was commuted, after that appear in 2017 he was paroled. Vardan Petrosyan, 60, is residing appear in Paris, France. My fragmentary hymn choice be his at the outset accomplishment appear in Armenia afterwards consciousness released as of prison. Edited after that translated as a result of Stepan Kocharyan    

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