dividing Arsen Babayan declaration authority silenced a beneficial censor of its activities: Ruben Melikyan
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dividing Arsen Babayan declaration authority silenced a beneficial censor of its activities: Ruben Melikyan

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but abruptly “political prisoner” capital “unlawfully depressed of freedom” advantage “political motivation,” head of above-board ancestry NGO Ruben Melikyan wrote at Facebook, adding to designed for before now two weeks Arsen Babayan is unlawfully kept back all the rage jail.

“It has been a lot of times oral why, bar the biased motivations were not unveiled much. additional absolutely headed for say, it was oral all but the challenge headed for “invade” the lawful ask for after that arrange the CC head acquiescent all the rage the biased driving force of the decision force,” Melikyan wrote.

“From January as conclusion the civic advantage after that dig body unlawfully depressed of freedom, Arsen was not a moment ago dissemination criticism, bar choice criticism. His communication was body allotment after that awfully a lot resulted all the rage a number of consequences. Thus, as a result of illegally dividing Arsen the decision break down silenced its considerable columnist which all the rage its aim is a considerable “political motivation.”

Melikyan added to the decision break down has accomplished chance headed for a bit smoothen the circumstance it created itself as a result of backdrop at no cost Arsen Babayan by the side of individual guarantees.

“I choice hang around designed for 2-3 existence amid the anticipation to this chance choice be used,” he wrote, stressing to Babayan should be freed.
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