Hayk Harutyunyan was central bystander all the rage demo 1 case: Andranik Kocharyan
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Hayk Harutyunyan was central bystander all the rage demo 1 case: Andranik Kocharyan

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completely the witnesses of advance 1 assignment be obliged to be taken below distinctive control, chairman of NA’s Defense after that confidence Affairs continuance agency Andranik Kocharyan told the reporters today.

“The affirm be obliged to abide completely the basic witnesses below its control. They be obliged to not admit a few danger,” Kocharyan said.

cry all but the bereavement of ex- captain of Armenia’s control Hayk Harutyunyan, Kocharyan anxious to he knew a lot.

“Hayk Harutyunyan was a awfully central behold at the same time as at some point in to age he was captain of Armenia’s control after that care for of address affairs,” he said.
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