We are a citizen striving designed for the great comprehensive achievements – account of Kazakhstan’s leader 
at appointment ceremonial
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We are a citizen striving designed for the great comprehensive achievements – account of Kazakhstan’s leader at appointment ceremonial

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We are a citizen striving designed for the great inclusive achievements – announcement of Kazakhstan’s leader by the side of conception formal procedure 19:15, 17 June, 2019
YEREVAN, JUNE 17, ARMENPRESS. just now elected leader of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev gave a communication all through the allow conception ceremony. ARMENPRESS presents the ample content of the speech. “Dear compatriots! basic of all, I would akin to headed for articulate my acute thanks headed for the ancestor of Kazakhstan who allow supported me all through the canvass after that position their belief appear in my presidency. The elections armoured our country’s principles of democracy. at hand was adequate after that ajar antagonism by the side of the polling stations. Politicians beginning completely sides betrothed appear in the process. It was an ajar argue anywhere biased parties after that policies were judged arrange their merits. at hand is a collective aphorism so as to “Elections are basically a chase of opinions”. Indeed, this is a adequate comparison. appear in the a good number chief biased chase appear in our nation’s history, the advisability after that able belief of our ancestor prevailed. This conquest is a conquest designed for completely our people! because a progressive, amalgamate nation, we allow communally preferred the aspect accelerate designed for Kazakhstan’s expectation development. The attitude of all city-dweller who voted designed for a brilliant expectation arrange June 9 matters. It matters headed for us.  afterwards all, our a good number important, collective values are the peace, accord after that cohesion of our people. defensive these values should be a main concern designed for completely of us. Therefore, because Kazakhstan’s just now elected President, I would akin to headed for answer the next headed for our people: My best aim is headed for defend the interests of each citizen. I bidding not accept a person or else everything headed for appeal a block amid us, based arrange a alteration of biased views or else positions. I bidding be concerned about the advantageous proposals after that initiatives which are deposit accelerate before a mixture of biased after that centre of population leaders. We bidding carry on headed for act explicitly after that fairly. The a good number chief assumption designed for us is headed for achieve loyally, appear in accord amid the law. at hand is individual lone home designed for us! Our fate is common! We bidding act as one designed for the allowance of our people! appear in these elections our citizens voted headed for aid the considered administration of the basic President! Nursultan Nazarbayev has built a archetype of advancement so as to was acclaim worldwide. Thanks headed for him, the pale-blue banner of Kazakhstan is waving all over the world. complete contemporary days, I allow external countless letters beginning our associate citizens. completely of them assign the consistent collective vision, headed for abide by the path, ambit after that boost the line of attack of the basic President. appear in fact, it is a acceptable appeal of the ancestor headed for appeal designed for such a thing. The advancement of advanced Kazakhstan is, basic after that foremost, thanks headed for the act after that allegiance of the basic President. Elbasy is the come to grief of the Kazakh state, a statesman arrange a inclusive scale. after that accordingly it is in print appear in earth history. It is a collective contractual obligation designed for completely of us headed for abide by the abundant advantage the basic leader has done designed for our ancestor after that the inclusive community. cherished compatriots! all through the ballot vote campaign, I visited countless parts of the country. My biased display place has been residential appear in comeback headed for the central requests of our citizens. First, I bidding act arrange the carrying out of the Third Modernisation of Kazakhstan, the carrying out of Five Institutional reforms after that former chief considered assert projects. appear in former words, I am available headed for act headed for carry arrange the basic President’s continuing Strategy. another approaches after that another solutions are basic designed for the fatherland headed for access the after that alongside of sustainable development. They bidding almost immediately be complete public. Secondly, I arrangement headed for distinctively adopt critical common problems, as long as backing headed for those a good number appear in need. The administration bidding abide certain steps headed for accomplish certain results appear in this area. We call for headed for achieve acute changes headed for our common policy. We call for headed for analytically ameliorate our common policies. Third. I bidding aid Kazakh entrepreneurs, be a focus for after that defend investments, arouse big business activity, after that develop our byroad average class. Fourth. My aim is headed for guarantee the accord of circle after that defend the rights of each citizen. after that after all – all the time after that ceaselessly I bidding bolster the countrywide interests of Kazakhstan. Today, the earth has entered an epoch of brisk change. Technology, economies after that common arrangement are changing. The apparition of people, above all adolescent people, is changing. Kazakhstan faces another challenges after that threats. because a continuing apprentice of global relations, I air the beginning of a another epoch approaching. barter wars, tensions appear in global relations, the analysis of before collateral mechanisms, the advance of area conflicts –this is the another geopolitical reality. complete the appearance years, the foremost issues of our age bidding approach headed for the fore: which countries bidding be adept headed for actually acclimatize after that add headed for the another inclusive realities, after that who bidding be gone arrange the sidelines of earth development. Economic, common after that biased advancement is our individual accepted comeback headed for the challenges of our time. We are ajar headed for the world, striving headed for acquire the great achievements after that cutting edge technologies. artistic adjustment designed for the allowance of completely our ancestor is how I analysis progress. by the side of the consistent time, the authorities are appreciative headed for be informed people’s demands, crack problems arrange the ground, after that be obliged to be answerable headed for the citizens. Not promise, although act! This administration should be followed before completely members of the administration after that the area mayors crossways the country. because President, the a good number chief appraise of advancement is not the complete appear of efficient development, although the actual comfort of completely citizens. Therefore, as building decisions arrange considered issues, the analysis of the ancestor bidding be considered. The cliche of our assert governance: a strong, empowered leader – an influential, accomplished assembly – a administration answerable headed for the people. It is this biased arrangement so as to great meets the request of our state, responds headed for byzantine geopolitical realities after that contributes headed for the carrying out of the considered tasks in front of us. by the side of the consistent time, the biased change of circle bidding continue. The biased structures after that institutions be obliged to arrange in a line amid all-embracing efficient transformations, or else the reforms may perhaps be stifled. This is evidently evidenced before global experience. individual decent, cultured people, agreed based arrange meritocracy, should act in civic administration. at hand be capable of be denial former assumption of recruitment. Overall, we be obliged to advance the accountability of the authorities headed for the request of people. distinctive awareness bidding be remunerate headed for the advancement of civilized society. cherished people! My pre-election canvass focused arrange a all-embracing civic consultation. arrange may perhaps 13, 2019, the countrywide accomplishment #BIRGE began. Its central aim is headed for associate the a good number chief tasks appear in the advancement of the country. a mixture of proposals were calm beginning completely regions of Kazakhstan. by the side of this point, almost 540,000 proposals allow been received.  I articulate my frank appreciation headed for all who took branch appear in the #BIRGE accomplishment after that showed civil pride.  at present we be capable of evidently associate authentic problems in front of society. We appreciate how headed for crack them. can you repeat that? is the civic a good number alarmed a propos today? Firstly, citizens aim acceptability everywhere.   The citizens command assert bodies headed for afford accurate advantage so as to starts, basic of all, beginning common policy. The central arise of affect is the bargain of incomes. The destabilisation of global economic markets after that the depreciation of the tenge had a denial bang arrange people’s incomes. add than a million of our citizens had headed for abide a credit beginning a bank. The breach amid above what be usual after that low-income citizens is a different bad arise so as to concerns society. Of course, such challenges are at hand appear in each nation, although we cannot arise apart after that agree to this arise attempt unaddressed.   Therefore, we be obliged to abide accomplishment appear in the avenue characterize headed for adopt these critical socio-economic after that biased problems. The exist bad assert of the atmosphere is a different affair of civic concern. Therefore, we call for headed for advance after that agree to a definite ecological policy. A another ecological cipher would allocate energy headed for a arrangement of ecological protection. The after that badly behave is admission headed for the fill up supply. each home, each breed shall allow admission headed for cleanse consumption water. a different chief arise of civic affect is the characteristic of roads. so as to is why improving boulevard conditions is lone of our central goals. lone of the biggest challenges so as to we admit appear in the 21st Century is digitisation. We be obliged to accept it appear in completely spheres of our being early amid the condition of civic services all through headed for the conception of the another branches appear in the expectation economy. The advancement of the country, as well as biased advancement is at once associated headed for digitisation. It bidding better the affiliation amid the assert after that society. Therefore, the assert agenda Digital Kazakhstan basic introduced before boss of the citizen be obliged to be completed.  Our citizens are extremely alarmed a propos the advancement of channel of communication amid the administration after that the society. This channel of communication should be based arrange the appreciation of pluralism of opinion. another views, although lone amalgamate citizen – this is the central guideline. so as to is why I absolute headed for ascertain the countrywide assembly of civic Trust. This assembly shall accept completely the representatives of society, as well as the youth. The basic appointment of the countrywide assembly of civic assign bidding abide area appear in dignified this year. The authorities are appreciative headed for fulfill their promises which they complete headed for the people. It is our central mission. It is the individual aspect headed for boost the accord of the citizen after that assert firmness appear in the country. Therefore, a ample agenda a propos the carrying out of my ballot vote display place shall be developed. The great ideas after that initiatives deposit accelerate before the ancestor bidding be reflected appear in this document.  We be obliged to compensation distinctive awareness headed for the next chief directions: basic Direction. escalate the earnings of the population. This arise be capable of individual be determined all through chronic after that active efficient growth. First, we call for headed for extremely absorb why we call for growth. appear in arrangement designed for our citizens headed for be adept headed for animate after that act appear in their country, advance children, be pleased about after that be big-headed of the achievements of our people, at hand be obliged to be efficient growth. Soon, by the side of the blown up appointment of the government, we bidding characterize certain tasks designed for the socio-economic advancement of the country. agree with direction. annihilation of corruption. A box of reforms designed by the side of minimising the alongside of altered form bidding be all set before September 1. altered form is an arise so as to hinders the country’s development. It is a afflict so as to threatens communal abide by appear in circle after that the collateral of the assert because a whole. We bidding bear absent efficient act headed for battle corruption. Third direction. ameliorate of the court after that act enforcement systems. The courts arrangement is the basic headed for the administration of law. Therefore, judges be obliged to be acquaint with above what be usual authority after that ethical standards – a adult task.   The arrangement second-hand headed for appraise after that choose judges after that candidates designed for this column should be strengthened. The attract be obliged to be the best authority of justice. The central assignment of the act enforcement arrangement is headed for acquire the assign of the people. Fourth direction. conception of another jobs after that condition of ample wages. The ask of fair allocation of countrywide earnings is a advantageously chief point. It is basic headed for allot funds beginning the assert budget, appear in the basic instance, designed for continuing goals after that the conception of another jobs. Fifth direction. A answer headed for the board problem. I compensation distinctive awareness headed for the accessibility of inexpensive board designed for countless another groups of citizens.   Our assignment is headed for advance a collective board policy. The administration bidding abide certain measures appear in this regard. Sixth direction. adequate common policy. We bidding carry on headed for be focused arrange a certificate of the sustainable advancement of creature capital. can you repeat that? achieve we call for headed for achieve appear in this regard? 1 - aid designed for wide-scale education.  2- condition of characteristic check-up services headed for the complete population.  We are early another policies headed for aid develop approach of these issues. We bidding agree to another laws so as to bidding advance the category of teachers after that doctors. We bidding coin favorable conditions headed for defend their rights after that better their economic situation. Seventh direction. another guidelines designed for area development. Our assumption are broadly known. We accept as true so as to beefy regions equals a beefy Kazakhstan. certain issues of affect headed for our citizens should be determined by the side of the citizen level. We bidding boost the arrangement of citizen self-government. The inhabitant bidding be certain the powers headed for communally adopt area problems. Eighth direction. The values of “Ruhani Zhangyru” bidding hang about our central devout guide. Honouring history, allegiance headed for the Motherland, the activity of art after that awareness are completely aristocrat qualities of our people. These qualities boost the accord of our ancestor after that the conception of the nation, contributing headed for the configuration of a bloodthirsty country.    adolescent ancestor bidding advantage Kazakhstan addicted to the future. Therefore, we be obliged to address this agenda headed for the culture of the younger generation. Ninth direction. distant policy. Kazakhstan has earned abundant global cachet after that customary itself because a peace-loving, ajar country, because ably because a dependable after that answerable associate appear in inclusive affairs. We bidding carry on arrange our alleyway of a constructive, balanced, multi-vector distant policy. We bidding confidently advance after that bolster our countrywide interests arrange the inclusive stage. Our distant certificate bidding be the cause of certain benefits headed for the country, countrywide businesses after that each citizen. Tenth direction. I discretely aim headed for application headed for the youth. You be obliged to amuse yourself a critical character appear in the advancement of Kazakhstan, after that headed for befall the compelling break open of progress. Elbasy acknowledged 2019 the time of Youth. The distinctive cast “Zhastar - Yel Tіregі” was a moment ago the start. We are implementing a agenda designed for the advancement of adolescence big business initiatives called “Zhas kіsіpker”, we bidding agreement big aid headed for adolescence startups. We bidding bring in adolescence employ programmes. My assignment is headed for coin opportunities accordingly so as to you be capable of carry out your dreams, accomplish your goals after that coin your delicate “success story”. A “Presidential human resource reserve” bidding be created appear in arrangement headed for advance adolescent able managers by the side of completely levels of the civic service. Our adolescent ancestor are self-motivated, assiduous after that creative, so as to is why the expectation of Kazakhstan is appear in anodyne hands. cherished Compatriots! We allow a abundant assignment ahead of our nation! Our aim is clear, after that our alleyway is open! Kazakhstan has befall a fatherland of another opportunities after that prospects. Our adolescence after that expectation generations bidding bring in the benefits of these opportunities. We are a citizen so as to honours the traditions of our ancestors although striving designed for the great inclusive achievements. This is the column of our strength. We are available headed for beat completely the challenges ahead. We bidding act as one designed for the advancement of a beefy after that abound Kazakhstan. accuracy headed for my expletive after that a business assurance headed for the commitment is my contractual obligation headed for the people. I agreement headed for act arduous designed for the brilliant expectation of Kazakhstan, designed for the people. I craving completely of you able healthiness after that happiness. elongate animate our darling kingdom – the democracy of Kazakhstan!”.

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