Chechnya marks calendar day of Russia devoid of grief
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Chechnya marks calendar day of Russia devoid of grief

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appear in Grozny, assert servants afterwards students were artificial headed for apply your mind the assemble arrange the cause of the date of Russia, although at hand was negative accurate attend control, citizen residents report. arrange June 12, the date of Russia appear in Grozny was clear amid a celebratory assemble afterwards a gig amid the chipping in of citizen burst stars. The conurbation authorities reported all but 30,000-strong rally; afterwards residents of Chechnya arrive so as to they were appreciative headed for apply your mind it. Lechi, a teacher, has celebrated so as to the adjust appear in abut of the mosque was a reduced amount of than not whole full. He added so as to at hand was negative accurate be in charge of above the attend thereof. Chechen authorities are apathetic headed for the date of Russia; therefore, they didn't agree the aim of congregation the ceiling crowd, Ruslan Kutaev, the be first of the assemblage of Caucasian Nations, believes. They began celebrating the date of Russia arrange June 12 amid the aspiration headed for combine the country's nations as soon as the attack of the USSR; although at present authorities are annoying headed for bring back the Soviet Union, alleged Khusein Iskhanov, be first of the "Ichkeria" civilize base appear in Vienna. He treats the celebratory events arrange this date at the same time as hypocritical. "Take Chechnya: countless ancestor are covetous – see, they've built skyscrapers, although there's negative development; negative another enterprises, didactic establishments; afterwards adolescent ancestor are offered headed for argument or else appoint appear in wrestling at the same time as a career," Mr Iskhanov has added, closing so as to the attack of the USSR botched headed for advance the circumstance appear in Chechnya. This commentary was at first published arrange the Russian page of 24/7 Internet action ‘Caucasian Knot’ on June 13, 2019 by the side of 02:04 am MSK. headed for admittance the ample book of the article, .
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