Two additional dual carriageway signs demolished arrange Dagestani-Chechen adjoin
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Two additional dual carriageway signs demolished arrange Dagestani-Chechen adjoin

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An faceless articulated vehicle driver has demolished two signposts along with the description of the Shelkovskoy borough of Chechnya arrange the adjoin along with the Tarumovka borough of Dagestan. A affiliate of the Dagestani adjoin border line agency has hold responsible republic's residents of fomenting a argue along with Chechens. The "Caucasian Knot" has reported to arrange June 10, a capture on film appeared arrange the Internet of the destruction of a dual carriageway autograph along with the dedication "Shelkovskoy District" installed appear in the outskirt of Kizlyar. arrange June 12, activists installed a flag "Republic of Dagestan, Kizlyar District" conflicting the Chechen sign. in a row a propos the destruction of a further Chechen dual carriageway autograph appeared appear in the civic rodnoy.dagestan arrange the Instagram. Shamil Khadulaev, a civic figure, has treated the destruction of signposts at the same time as a careful agitation of argue along with the adjoining republic. The Tarumovka borough of Dagestan borders arrange the Kizlyar District; equally districts allow sections of the adjoin along with the Shelkovskoy borough of Chechnya. This commentary was first published arrange the Russian page of 24/7 Internet action ‘Caucasian Knot’ on June 12, 2019 by the side of 11:11 pm MSK. headed for admittance the ample book of the article, .
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 Threats of Chechen authorities for the reason that of boulevard signs at adjoin along with Dagestan alarm bell rights defenders
The boulevard signs knocked along before a articulated vehicle driver arrange the Chechen-Dagestani abut arrange been restored, the Chechen admin has stated. afterwards
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Residents of the Kizlyar area allow dismantled boulevard signs arrange the adjoin amid Chechnya appointed headed for carelessness of area authorities, Magomed Daudov,
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The abrasive consequence of Chechen authorities headed for the destruction of boulevard signs at the Chechen-Dagestani abut is ample headed for the situation, the
 act enforcers are arrange due by dual carriageway signs arrange Dagestani-Chechen abut
The Chechen signposts at the abut amid the Tarumovka borough of Dagestan are beneath the defend of equip act enforcers. Residents of this borough had denial protective
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