Week appear in the Caucasus: appraisal of central events of can 6-12, 2019
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Week appear in the Caucasus: appraisal of central events of can 6-12, 2019

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armed force parades afterwards "Immortal Regiment" marches devoted headed for the conquest Day; begin of the Muslim fasting of Ramadan; chatter explosions appear in a multi-storey construction appear in Zheleznovodsk afterwards an back-to-back construction appear in the Rostov borough village; arrest of Ingush advocate Ismail Nalgiev appear in Minsk, – accompany the analysis of these afterwards erstwhile events appear in the Caucasus at some point in the week of can 6-12, 2019, all set before the "". armed force parades afterwards "Immortal Regiment" actions devoted headed for conquest date arrange can 9, armed force parades were held appear in a mixture of cities of Russia, as well as appear in the south of the country, afterwards marches of the accomplishment "Immortal Regiment" took area headed for compensate acknowledgment headed for the recollection of participants of earth battle II. The advance "Immortal Regiment" became the central aftermath arrange conquest date in favour of residents of Nalchik afterwards erstwhile cities of Kabardino-Balkaria: 85,000 residents of the democracy . Residents of Makhachkala joined the accomplishment "Immortal Regiment". According headed for them, all day arrange conquest date they be off available headed for advance along with portraits of their relatives afterwards fatherland people. The associate praised the association of cheerful events. appear in Rostov-on-Don, the accomplishment "Immortal Regiment" gathered 105,000 participants. 140,000 residents of Sochi took branch appear in the advance "Immortal Regiment". appear in Volgograd, the accomplishment "Immortal Regiment" was held along with enhanced collateral measures, afterwards as of them, bylaw enforcers did not accept associate along with bicycles headed for be off all the way through metal detectors headed for access the congregation place. appear in Grozny, a little students afterwards civic district employees alleged they headed for abide branch appear in the commemoration of conquest date afterwards the advance "Immortal Regiment". They celebrated so as to they were agreed convenient portraits of cutting edge soldiers afterwards officers alien headed for them. arrange can 9, appear in Nagorno-Karabakh, residents of five cities additionally participated appear in the accomplishment "Immortal Regiment". appear in compare headed for akin processions appear in Russia, citizen residents carried appear in their hands the portraits of participants not individual of earth battle II, bar additionally of the Karabakh conflict. The advance "Immortal Regiment" was additionally held appear in Yerevan, the centre of Armenia: it was controlled before the Russian-Armenian childhood agreement afterwards the alliance of Armenian Volunteers. According headed for the police, the advance "Immortal Regiment", which was held in favour of the fourth day appear in a row, gathered all but 3000 people. arrange can 9, the advance "Immortal Regiment" afterwards the counteraction along with anti-Russian slogans appear in Tbilisi. Five persons . altogether of them were released arrange the consistent day. lone of them has got a advice in favour of using Soviet symbols banned appear in Georgia, as the others bidding act already the ask for appear in an clerical assignment arrange boisterous accomplish afterwards breaking the rule headed for the police. appear in Azerbaijan, the date of can 9 was affirm a holiday. However, by the side of the assert level, denial accumulation processions afterwards armed force carnival are held arrange so as to day. Meanwhile, this year, appear in Baku, the accepted earnest ceremonial was held by the side of the gravestone headed for Azi Aslanov, double brave man of the Soviet Union, as a further cheerful aftermath along with the chipping in of battle veterans, civic officials, bylaw enforcers, officials as of cautious missions of the CIS countries, civic figures, afterwards schoolchildren was held by the side of the commemorative plaque centre "Mass Grave" appear in the Narimanov area of Baku. begin of Muslim fasting of Ramadan appear in 2019, the basic date of the fasting arrange the Muslim blessed month of Ramadan . arrange so as to day, Dagestan, Kabardino-Balkaria, afterwards Ingushetia held a mixture of aid events, closed society iftars, afterwards nashid evening. appear in Chechnya, akin to appear in the adjoining republics, the fasting appear in admiration of the blessed month of Ramadan began this day arrange can 6. The Chechen authorities allow reported arrange the allocation of add than 30,000 cuisine packages arrange the basic date of the fasting month. citizen residents treated the accomplishment at the same time as a PR step. The authorities practiced affectionate allocation of cuisine additionally appear in Soviet times, reported scientists affianced appear in studies of the Caucasus, interviewed before the "". This year, Chechen theologians (alms essential in favour of the believers) afterwards kaffarat (redemption in favour of betrayal the fasting) appear in the amounts of 100 afterwards 50 roubles, respectively. arrange the eve of Ramadan, appear in Grozny, prices in favour of a number of types of products grew, citizen residents . chatter explosions appear in multi-storey construction appear in Zheleznovodsk afterwards back-to-back construction appear in Rostov borough hamlet by the side of darkness arrange can 6, appear in Zheleznovodsk, a animate bust available appear in a nine-storey construction appear in No. 43 appear in Engels Street. 70 associate were evacuated as of the building. Of them, eight stayed by the side of brief adjustment centres (TACs). at the same time as a conclusion of the fire, lone anyone was killed, afterwards erstwhile 20 were injured, as well as eight hospitalized. An disaster fashion was introduced appear in the city. Users of collective networks account so as to the animate was preceded before an explosion. The animate started appear in lone of the apartments arrange the base base as soon as a familial chatter explosion, investigators report. However, according headed for the chatter bring company, the back-to-back everywhere the animate started had denial chatter bring afterwards around was denial chatter leakage. Later, it was reported so as to the animate was caused before a chatter angry outburst appear in lone of the apartments of the accommodate everywhere a chatter canister was supposedly stored. by the side of darkness arrange can 12, an angry outburst of chatter occurred appear in an back-to-back construction appear in the hamlet of Chistoozyorny appear in the Rostov Region. at the same time as a conclusion of the chatter explosion, two persons were hospitalized, as well as an mature female along with a distressing common sense injury. According headed for doctors, the female is appear in acute condition. Moreover, a baby died appear in an ambulance, afterwards rescuers got an fully developed amount available of the ruins. The tenants evacuated as of the accommodate were position headed for a TAC, which was controlled appear in a citizen hospital. a little of the associate were cushy before their relatives. According headed for the citizen authorities, the construction everywhere the chatter angry outburst occurred is not appropriate in favour of living. arrest of Ingush advocate Ismail Nalgiev appear in Minsk arrange can 8, Ismail Nalgiev, the controller of the NGO "Choice of Ingushetia", by the side of the airfield appear in Minsk, as of everywhere he considered headed for dash headed for the Czech Republic. According headed for Ingush activists, the exploration was initiated before the authorities of Ingushetia. being rights defenders in favour of avoidance of violations of the Ismail Nalgiev's rights afterwards his exile headed for Russia. The being rights defenders expressed their affair so as to the advocate force be subjected headed for torture. Ismail Nalgiev himself dying out headed for be off arrange a crave achieve condition extradited headed for Russia. He was emotional along with an clerical offense, bar a anxiety appear in Minsk was cancelled appear in association along with . at some point in all but a date as soon as Ismail Nalgiev headed for the Russian bylaw enforcement bodies, neither his relatives, nor being rights defenders, nor advocates knew the accurate location of the activist. arrange can 11, it became acknowledged so as to Ismail Nalgiev headed for a SIZO (pre-trial prison) appear in Nalchik. He was emotional along with using aggression adjacent to a civic allow appear in a convict assignment arrange protests afterwards clashes along with bylaw enforcers appear in Magas afterwards Nazran, which took area appear in after everything else March. This commentary was first published arrange the Russian call of 24/7 Internet action ‘Caucasian Knot’ arrange can 13, 2019 by the side of 09:01 am MSK. headed for admission the ample book of the article, .
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