Uraza Bayram commemoration raises announce of returning Krasnodar mosque headed for Muslims
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Uraza Bayram commemoration raises announce of returning Krasnodar mosque headed for Muslims

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at hand is not a definite effective mosque all the rage Krasnodar; the nearest ones are all the rage Adygea; afterwards they are at all time congested arrange holidays, area Imams allow stated. The Uraza Bayram bank holiday bidding be sell for as one a propos 3000 Muslims all the rage the mosque located all the rage the flat arrangement of Yablonovsky, although the construction can abode 500 people, Imam Anzor Djeukozhev told the "" correspondent. completely the mosques located adjacent Krasnodar are congested all through holidays, Asfar Myss, the Imam of the mosque placed all the rage the Takhtamukai area of Adygea, has confirmed, noting so as to the antique mosque construction all the rage Krasnodar, built as a result of Circassian client Lyu Trakhov, is not returned en route for believers. but this construction had been handed above en route for Muslims, then, the mosques all the rage Adygea could be unloaded, Imam Muss has suggested, adding so as to meanwhile, the Russian approved cathedral receives holy place buildings hooked on abuse en masse. He alleged so as to the divine admin of Muslims (SAM) has not lay accelerate such an advantage en route for Krasnodar authorities. "We are completely the calculate shy, or, maybe, fearful of something. We be obliged to affirm our rights afterwards benefit the construction en route for Muslims," Asfar Myss has stated. This commentary was at first published arrange the Russian bleep of 24/7 Internet action ‘Caucasian Knot’ arrange June 4, 2019 by the side of 08:31 pm MSK. en route for admittance the ample content of the article, .
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