Five Jehovah Witnesses* absent all the rage care all the rage Volgograd
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Five Jehovah Witnesses* absent all the rage care all the rage Volgograd

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arrange December 6, a Volgograd attract absolute as a result of two months the confinement of five Jehovah Witnesses*. Their relatives criticize to investigators court order headed for appointment the detainees. The conference of the Tsentralny borough attract of Volgograd was held at the back bung doors, relatives told the "" correspondent. They distinguished to they had headed for hang around designed for the attract decision appear in the street. According headed for Olga Medvedeva, the companion of Denis Peresunko, appear in his letters, her companion did not criticize all but the care conditions by the SIZO (pre-trial prison). "However, we're not allowed headed for appointment them. because September, we arrange a another investigator; she had illegal visits – we botched headed for appreciate the detainees appear in October afterwards November," Olga has told. Anna Melnik, the companion of Sergey Melnik, additionally told the "" letter writer to her companion did not criticize all but no matter which appear in the letters. "But designed for two months already, because they replaced the investigator, they arrange banned visits. Now, they haven't accede to us addicted to the courtroom, bar they allowed me headed for come into the courthouse, afterwards after the detainees were convoyed in, we could altercation a a small amount of words. altogether the time, advocates aver arrange the abode arrest, bar the attract decides differently," she has noted. * 396 Russian organizations of Jehovah's Witnesses are acclaim because extremist, afterwards their activities are banned appear in Russia as a result of the court's decision. This commentary was at first published arrange the Russian call of 24/7 Internet action ‘Caucasian Knot’ arrange December 6, 2019 by 07:31 pm MSK. headed for admission the ample book of the article, .
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