Chechen authorities act towards capture along with Islam Kadyrov because a trump certificate appear in a argue along with blogger Tumso Abdurakhmanov
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Chechen authorities act towards capture along with Islam Kadyrov because a trump certificate appear in a argue along with blogger Tumso Abdurakhmanov

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The Chechen authorities allow shown their ascendancy all the rage a argument along with Tumso Abdurakhmanov, who criticizes the Ramzan Kadyrov's regime, before given that him along with ample versions of videos a propos the fierce actions of Islam Kadyrov, the ex- mayor of Grozny. The blogger regarded the appalling box arrive a propos Islam Kadyrov because an challenge headed for become ahead of time of his posts. The has reported so as to the hearsay activity "Chechnya Today" , a columnist of the "Grozny" box Channel, who . arrange October 24, the "Grozny" box canal ended civic the capture all the rage which Islam Kadyrov, the ex- mayor of Grozny, . all the rage 2015, the in order a propos such action of the mayor of Grozny became the aim designed for his dismissal. Aslan, a affiliate of an NGO, c alled a account of Chingiz Akhmadov "strange." "Why did Chingiz Akhmadov call for headed for dispatch Tumso Abdurakhmanov the incriminating corroborate adjacent to Islam Kadyrov? The blogger is at a halt at any rate dynamically criticizing the authorities after that Chingiz Akhmadov himself. around is a few benign of a big game here, it seems headed for me," the NGO advocate said. Tumso Abdurakhmanov himself explained so as to he had got the appalling videos hitherto all the rage ahead of time October. According headed for the blogger, the Chechen box canal ended civic the videos along with Islam Kadyrov afterwards it became acknowledged so as to the materials had been sent headed for the blogger. afterwards that, the Chechen authorities categorical headed for be the basic headed for accomplish the videos public. The blogger called the detail of assembly civic the videos "an unprecedented" argument designed for the command of Ramzan Kadyrov. "Nothing akin to so as to has constantly happened. The Chechen box canal by no means showed an allow torturing people," Tumso Abdurakhmanov said. This clause was first published arrange the Russian page of 24/7 Internet activity ‘Caucasian Knot’ on October 28, 2019 by 04:13 pm MSK. headed for admittance the ample content of the article, .
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