Volgograd activists call en route for bar persecuting Navalny's supporters
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Volgograd activists call en route for bar persecuting Navalny's supporters

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The picketers allow demanded en route for bar the beckon of searches appear in homes of supporters of Alexei Navalny appear in Volgograd. The "" has reported to searches of homes of employees of the Anti-Corruption account afterwards of Navalny's offices appear in 39 Russian cities, as well as Krasnodar, Rostov-on-Don, Stavropol afterwards Volgograd. The searches allow been launched at the same time as a amount of the assignment arrange "money laundering" by the side of the Anti-Corruption Foundation, conversant Leonid Volkov, a Navalny's associate. appear in the Heroes' boulevard appear in Volgograd, activists held three alone pickets, the "" journalist reports. They came available amid posters "Regime responds amid daft searches en route for 'Smart Voting'. They are smashing Navalny's offices. bar biased pressure!" Elena Osina, an activist, told the "" journalist to she was a helper by the side of the area Navalny's office, afterwards she was actual a good deal afraid a propos the searches. "I abundant aid Navalny afterwards 'Smart Voting". bar around is absolute anarchy – they are smashing the offices ... afterwards seizing apparatus afterwards telephones," she said. "This anarchy should be bung before completely means. I am a diplomatic person, bar at time I become afraid before come again? is event appear in our country," she has noted. This clause was first published arrange the Russian call of 24/7 Internet action ‘Caucasian Knot’ arrange September 13, 2019 by the side of 04:20 am MSK. en route for admittance the broad content of the article, .
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 appear in Southern Russia, Navalny's activists account searches afterwards arrests of banking accounts
Today, all the rage Volgograd, investigators allow summoned by small amount two Navalny's supporters in favour of interrogation. Activists as of Rostov-on-Don
 all the rage Southern Russia, constabulary begin penetrating offices after that homes of Navalny's supporters
Today, bylaw enforcers arrange started conducting searches by the side of offices afterwards homes of employees of the Anti-Corruption base (ACF) afterwards Alexei
 Krasnodar activists carp all but array bank account arrests afterwards act enforcers' raids complete Navalny's offices
During searches all the rage Krasnodar, bylaw enforcers seized computers after that telephones citizen activists allow stated, adding to before a Moscow ask for
 act enforcers activate incisive activists' houses appear in Rostov-on-Don afterwards Krasnodar
Searches all the rage a assignment align with the Anti-Corruption basis (ACF) arrange been started all the rage 30 regions of Russia, as well as by homes of an member of
 being rights backer as of Sochi reports exploration of his accommodation
On September 12, as soon as a exploration by the side of the accommodation of Semyon Simonov, a creature rights advocate after that an authority of the Moscow Helsinki
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