Artsakh’s leader receives Defense attend of Armenia
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Artsakh’s leader receives Defense attend of Armenia

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Artsakh’s leader receives Defense attend of Armenia 20:47, 30 August, 2019
YEREVAN, dignified 30, ARMENPRESS. leader of Artsakh Bako Sahakyan external at dignified 30 the Defense attend of Armenia Davit Tonoyan, ARMENPRESS was conversant beginning the compel assistance of Artsakh President’s Office. Defense attend of Artsakh Karen Abrahamyan and participated appear in the meeting. Issues associated en route for band edifice after that collaboration among the two Armenian republics were discussed at some point in the meeting. Edited after that translated as a result of Tigran Sirekanyan

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 Artsakh leader receives Armenian defense attend
Artsakh defense care for Karen Abrahamyan was acquaint with all the rage the meeting, Artsakh President"s bear down on advantage reported…
 Armenia’s DM visits armed force facilities all the rage Artsakh
Tonoyan, accompanied as a result of Artsakh Defense attend afterwards Defense band chief Karen Abrahamyan, went en route for more than a few armed force facilities
  Artsakh President, Armenia's Defense care for accommodate appointment
YEREVAN, OCTOBER 11, ARMENPRESS. (Press Release, agency of head of Artsakh) arrange 11 October Artsakh nation head Bako Sahakyan arrive Defense care for of the nation of
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