Dagestani residents argue at the blind date of Kurban Bayram
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Dagestani residents argue at the blind date of Kurban Bayram

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The Muftiate of Dagestan has planned the commemoration of Kurban Bayram (Eid al-Adha) at dignified 12, although all the rage former regions it is distinguished at dignified 11, residents of Dagestan allow complained. Their opponents allow urged headed for assume area theologians. The "" has reported so as to dignified 12 all the rage Dagestan all the rage association along with Kurban Bayram. all the rage Chechnya, dignified 12 afterwards 13 were complete being off, although the basic date of the bank holiday all the rage Chechnya was dignified 11. Dagestani collective association users appeal to awareness headed for the detail so as to all the rage former regions of Russia, Kurban Bayram is distinguished at dignified 11. "Almost everywhere, they enjoy yourself today, bar not all the rage Dagestan," wrote the addict tamik_prostoy_. "Actually, all is celebrating at dignified 11. Is around a different Islam all the rage Dagestan?" the addict acconet2017 has wondered. "Why are Dagestani Muslims destitute of the break headed for enjoy yourself Muslim holidays all together along with the balance of the Muslims of the world?" asks burjui.001. former debaters allow rebuked opponents in favour of their crucial approach headed for the arrangement of the republic's Muftiate. "Earlier, around was denial Internet afterwards denial phones; afterwards all celebrated, after their acknowledge mosque recommended; afterwards ancestor trusted. Aren't we as well critical? condition Alims afterwards Imams are not right, they should answer, afterwards they are responsible. The Muslim's due is headed for trust, not doubt", wrote the addict aishat.68. This clause was at first published at the Russian call of 24/7 Internet activity ‘Caucasian Knot’ at dignified 11, 2019 by 07:45 pm MSK. headed for admittance the broad content of the article, .
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