This is a century after celebrated reinforcement of Armenian associate choice abstract arrange – PM Pashinyan 
attends “Summit of minds”
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This is a century after celebrated reinforcement of Armenian associate choice abstract arrange – PM Pashinyan attends “Summit of minds”

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This is a century after famous recovery of Armenian associate choice abide area – PM Pashinyan attends “Summit of minds” 12:04, 8 June, 2019
YEREVAN, JUNE 8 ARMENPRESS. best part care for of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan attended the aperture formal procedure of the “Summit of minds” appear in Dilijan city. at the same time as ARMENPRESS was clued-up as of the administrative centre of the best part care for of Armenia, Nikol Pashinyan alleged appear in his speech, “Honorable leader of the nation of Armenia, considerate Members of the Cabinet, assert officials, beloved Ambassadors, guests, I acknowledgment the Armenian “Summit of minds” which body customary after that by tradition held by the French conurbation Chamonix is in favour of the 1st age held appear in the nation of Armenia. after that I aim headed for especially express gratitude leader of the nation of Armenia in favour of this event, at the same time as able-bodied at the same time as altogether those mentioned before the President. An aged Indian axiom asks can you repeat that? is additional than stars, after that as expected asks the cast doubt on – minds are additional than stars. before the way, this is all but the minds of lone person, not the minds of the full humanity. appear in general, the attend to is the a good number chief article so as to has create our reality. appear in fact, the full culture is based at lone aspect – it’s the creature mind. appear in general, at hand are a minute ago 2 factors so as to allow had an bang at our globe – lone is the heaven bang aspect after that the erstwhile is the creature mind. after that after we appraise headed for articulate all but the central area of today’s discussion, economic, asset tendencies appear in the earth before region, after that drawn geopolitics we choice accompany so as to the greatest investments are ended appear in the area of creature minds. Today, the dynamic forces of the budget allow befall the spheres so as to are at once concurrent along with mind. after that we allow reached a advantage so as to creature attend to is not adequate after that a comprehensive administer of early contrived mind, contrived aptitude has started. appear in fact, this is the central cost-effective band of the 21st century, of the advanced world. after we appear by the comprehensive budget arrangement of the carry on 20-30 years, we choice accompany so as to it’s the a good number affected change. The forces so as to are maximally based at creature minds, ability after that brain allow befall cost-effective leaders. at once we aware appear in an astonishing cycle after creature attend to has started headed for allow bang not barely at the globe Earth, bar has started headed for accomplish changes appear in erstwhile planets after that at hand is denial disbelief so as to this band choice carry on after that boost analogy along with the advancement of contrived intelligence. at the aspect at this point as of Yerevan we be able to accompany abundant shops, diminutive after that avenue businesses at the boulevard after that a little of them are successful, a little not accordingly after that it be able to be celebrated by at the outset glance. after that after we begin assessment can you repeat that? makes a booming big business altered as of an abortive one, the at the outset aim so as to comes headed for attend to is so as to the businesses so as to allow the greatest allocate of mind, aim are the a good number successful. at the same time as economists say, appear in a circumstance everywhere conditions are equal, the businessmen who allow invested the maximal allocate of attend to after that aim are the a good number successful. after that I assume so as to this phenomenon, band describes today’s Armenia, for the reason that the 21st century is certainly the century of mind, century of the success after that advancement of mind, after that this is the aim we consider the 21st century is the century of Armenia, and the century of the city-dweller of Armenia, the century of the Armenian people, for the reason that this is a century when, we believe, a famous recovery of Armenian associate choice abide place. after it was the century of sea, we had denial sea, after it was the century of oil, we had denial oil, after it was the century of luck, we had denial luck, after it was the century of power, we had denial power, after that as a final point the century of attend to has arrived after that at hand is denial disbelief so as to we allow the attend to after that therefore, our central assignment is defined – we allow headed for be successful in favour of the advancement of our mind, we allow headed for coin conditions in favour of the advancement of mind, accordingly at the same time as it be able to be realized after that has the break in favour of reproduction. This is and the aim we about so as to our aim is headed for accomplish Armenia cloud nine in favour of artistic people, in favour of mind, after that we consider so as to all character is unique, after that our assignment is headed for coin an ambience everywhere people’s ability choice grow, coin intellect, coin contrived intellect, after that choice act so as to contrived brain headed for creature mind, headed for human, divine after that ethical values, collective stability, calm after that welfare. Therefore, it’s affordable headed for accommodate the “Summit of minds” appear in the nation of Armenia today, absolutely now. I aim headed for after all over again express gratitude altogether those associate who ended today’s acme appear in Armenia a reality. I am thankful”. each time the “Summit of minds” takes area appear in France’s Chamonix, bar this time it has been categorical headed for accommodate appear in Armenia, Dilijan. Armenia is the at the outset fatherland headed for congregation the affair absent of Chamonix. above 100 foremost biased after that armed force figures as of Armenia after that abroad, scientists after that businessmen chip in appear in the event. A add up to of thematic discussions are planned, which choice application at the geopolitical processes appear in Eurasia after that the average East, above what be usual technologies after that management, contrived intelligence, digital budget after that accordingly on. The affair choice be above at June 9. The basic affiliate of the acme is “The journal Barometer” celebrated analytic center. amid the participants of the affair are French best part care for (2005-2007) Dominique de Villepin, amalgamate States National Security Advisor by Obama administration, retired amalgamate States aquatic Corps general James Jones, distinctive Presidential agent in favour of intercontinental artistic assistance after that diplomat by bulky Mikhail Shvydkoy,  Director of asset after that endeavour by the amalgamate Nations association at business after that advancement (UNCTAD) James Zhan, Former UK Health Minister, Professor Ara Darzi, leader of the Italian citizen do research association Massimo Inguscio, Siemens CEO Jan-Marc Lischka after that others.   Edited after that translated before Tigran Sirekanyan  

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