CIS countries adhere to exercises of Armenian band units all the rage Yerevan
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CIS countries adhere to exercises of Armenian band units all the rage Yerevan

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The participants of the assembly of the Coordinating board in favour of area exercise addition headed for the association of Ministers of Defense of the CIS, held former time all the rage Yerevan, visited at present Baghramyan armed School, reports the compel advantage of the bureau of Defense of the democracy of Armenia. The representatives of the Ministries of Defense (defense departments) of Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan after that Uzbekistan followed the exercises in favour of battle alacrity of the armed servicemen of the subdivisions after that international relation contingent of the equip Forces of Armenia. The distinctive consequence units of the equip Forces enacted an apply amid battle bombardment after that presented the resources after that conditions in favour of trainings.
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