Earthquake hits Armenia’s Syunik
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Earthquake hits Armenia’s Syunik

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Earthquake hits Armenia’s Syunik
YEREVAN. – The “Survey for Seismic Protection” Agency of Armenia on Friday recorded a magnitude-2.8 earthquake in Syunik Province, at 9:21am local time. The seismic activity occurred 10km south of Dastakert village, and its hypocenter was 10km beneath the surface The tremor measured magnitude 3-4 at the epicenter. The quake was felt in Geghi village, with magnitude 3.
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 seismic activity hits Armenia
The earthquake calculated amount 3-4 by the epicenter…
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YEREVAN, NOVEMBER 8, ARMENPRESS. arrange November 8, by the side of 02:47 area time, the Seismic armour analyse Seismological association of the Armenian department of
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