UK concerned about escalation of US-China trade disputes
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UK concerned about escalation of US-China trade disputes

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UK concerned about escalation of US-China trade disputes
UK is concerned about the escalation of trade disputes between the US and China. London believes that no one will benefit from a trade war, said a spokesman for Prime Minister Theresa May, Reuters .  “We have been saying on this for some time that we are concerned about it and that we are clear that nobody benefits from trade wars,” the spokeswoman said. “The discussions between the two are ongoing and we hope that they will find a resolution to avoid any further escalation.” As reported earlier, the US on Friday increased duties on imports of Chinese goods to 25% worth more than $ 200 billion. China said it would take retaliatory measures. All this is happening against the background of the continuation of trade talks between Washington and Beijing, the next round of which will be held today in the US capital.
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