Police prevent man from committing suicide in Yerevan
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Police prevent man from committing suicide in Yerevan

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Police prevent man from committing suicide in Yerevan
Officers of the 2nd company of the 1st battalion of the regiment of Armenia’s Patrol Sentry Service of the police department in Yerevan prevented today a citizen’s suicide attempt. According to Shamshyan.com, at around 2:30 a.m., police officers were performing their duties at Melik Adamyan Street in Yerevan when citizens approached them and reported that a man was threatening to commit suicide at 1 Melik Adamyan Street. The police approached the scene of the incident and managed to have the right psychological conversation with the man so that he doesn’t commit suicide, but the man was holding a piece of glass in his hand and was threatening to cut the veins of his wrist. The police transported the citizen to the central police station in their car, and the investigative division is preparing a report. According to the source, the citizen is 51-year-old resident of Yerevan Gagik T., who explained that he had tried to go to the extreme due to unsolvable domestic problems.
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