Bright Armenia faction MP: Yerevan mayor hasn't fulfilled his promises
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Bright Armenia faction MP: Yerevan mayor hasn't fulfilled his promises

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Bright Armenia faction MP: Yerevan mayor hasn"t fulfilled his promises

Bright Armenia Party is against the “super prime minister system”. This is what secretary of the Bright Armenia faction of the National Assembly Gevorg Gorgisyan said today in parliament. According to him, the mayoral elections held last year were not “classic”, but they were aimed at supporting the “velvet revolution”, and Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan has stated this several times in his speeches, even during his election campaign. Moreover, Gorgisyan stated that this is the reason why Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan is directly responsible for all the mistakes and failures of the new mayor of Yerevan since citizens cast their votes for him, not Hayk Marutyan. Touching upon the mayor’s intentions to raise his salary and the salaries of the employees of Yerevan Municipality, Gorgisyan said even though public servants must receive high salaries and Armenia is in need of high-quality specialists, the mayor’s salary can’t be higher than that of the parliamentary speaker and equal to that of the Prime Minister. Gorgisyan went on to sharply criticize Hayk Marutyan’s inaction and reminded that the latter had promised to solve the problems with public transportation and undertake reforms, as well as solve the issues of garbage disposal and the problems with elevators in Yerevan., yet failed to fulfill his promises. “As far as elevators are concerned, in his recent interview, the mayor said the municipality will solve the problem at the expense of the citizens,” the secretary of the Bright Armenia faction angrily said. This statement by Gorgisyan left the deputies of the ruling My Step parliamentary faction bewildered. It is very likely that they didn’t know about the mayor’s scandalous statement.
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