Attorney general on illicit enrichment in Armenia
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Attorney general on illicit enrichment in Armenia

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Attorney general on illicit enrichment in Armenia
A criminal law article on illicit enrichment has been in effect in Armenia for the past six months now. This is what Prosecutor General of Armenia Artur Davtyan said during a discussion on the report on the activities of the Prosecutor General’s Office in 2018, responding to the questions from deputy of the Bright Armenia Party Arkady Khachatryan regarding the cases of illicit enrichment and money-laundering in Armenia. According to Davtyan, 5 people are currently being criminally prosecuted under that article. “However, I can’t give any evaluation on the cases of illicit enrichment now. In 2017, we didn’t have any case instituted under the charge of money-laundering, but in 2018, we had 7-9 criminal cases under the article on money-laundering,” the attorney general added. According to him, corruption crimes and the intensification of criminal prosecution related to those crimes will lead to further criminal prosecution for crimes connected with money-laundering.
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