They didn't return from the battlefield: Garegin Balayan
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They didn't return from the battlefield: Garegin Balayan

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They didn't return from the battlefield: Garegin Balayan
Armenian presents the endeavors of several sons of the Armenian nation through the project called “They didn’t return from the battlefield” and dedicated to the anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War. Unfortunately, it is impossible to list the names of all of them. Armenian would like to express its gratitude to the “Mother Armenia” Military-Historical Museum of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Armenia for its assistance. Hero of the USSR Garegin Balayan was born on February 28, 1912 in the Gulistan village of Nagorno-Karabakh. He was the commander and captain of the 1st motor rifle battalion of the 69th machinated brigade of the 3rd guard tank army of the military front in Voronezh. On September 22, 1943, he was one of the first to cross the Dnieper River along with 2 companies of the battalion in the Kanevi district of Cherkas region of Ukraine, dominated the foothold near Zarubintz village and made sure the military units of the brigade cross the river. On September 25, 1943, he died on the battlefield while defending the foothold. He is buried in the Zarubintz village of Kanevi district of Kiev region of Ukraine. By Order N 236 of the USSR Minister of Defense of 10 November 1972, Captain Balayan’s name was noted in the list of military unit N58731 of the 1st motor rifle battalion.
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