Armenian MP: There is always a risk of war
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Armenian MP: There is always a risk of war

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Armenian MP: There is always a risk of war
There is always a risk of war so long as Turkey and Azerbaijan are our neighboring countries. This is what deputy of the Prosperous Armenia faction of the National Assembly of Armenia Arman Abovyan told journalists. According to him, the Armenians have solved the Artsakh issue, and the only thing left to do is to use all the resources for a de jure solution. As far as border tension is concerned, Abovyan stated that Azerbaijan is a fascist country and it is obvious that hatred and escalation of the situation are its only resources. “We Armenians need to explain to the whole world that the Azerbaijanis want to eliminate the Armenians. The only way for them not to eliminate us is for us to be cut off from them. We also need to have a strong army and a strong economy,” Abovyan said.
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