Stepanakert: Artsakh will never be a part of Azerbaijan
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Stepanakert: Artsakh will never be a part of Azerbaijan

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Stepanakert: Artsakh will never be a part of Azerbaijan

Yerevan is doing everything it can to bring Nagorno-Karabakh back to the negotiating table. This is what Deputy Chief of Staff of the President of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh Republic)-Head of the Central Information Department of the Staff of the President Davit Babayan told Armenian Babayan added that this will take time and Azerbaijan will show resistance, and even though it will be hard, there is no other way. “No matter what, Artsakh will never be a part of Azerbaijan. Artsakh doesn’t have a “territorial issue”, but it does have a problem with borders,” Babayan reminded. In response to the question about preparing peoples for peace, Babayan stated that this is humanitarian and that Artsakh has been talking about this for a long time. “We need to achieve historical reconciliation. Before that, it is impossible to expect progress. However, this can take years, and for that, the army must always be ready,” Babayan said.
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